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Save tree, these may sound like just two simple and little words, but in today’s scenario, these two words should always be in our minds as our first priority. It is such a pain to see that we humans have become so thankless and careless, that we do not even anymore appreciate the valuable gifts that nature has given to us.

These priceless gifts have been bestowed by the nature on us without any cost and investment, and maybe this is the reason most of us have this ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude towards these precious gifts. It is an established fact that algae and trees were the first forms of life on our planet Earth; they came to life about six hundred million years ago. And humans came to life many million years later, but recently in a matter of just 6 to 7 decades, we have completely change the whole face of the planet.

It is astonishing and surprising to see this massively rapid pace of self-destruction. Yes, the phrase ‘self-destruction’ is quite apt to use, because it may seem that we are creating a better world for ourselves. But the fact is that we are doing just the opposite, we think we are the masters of all the life forms on this planet, and all the other living beings are here to serve us, but that is wrong and stupid on so many levels.

We forget so easily that we could arrive on this planet because of the trees, they produced oxygen that human beings used for breathing, surviving, and evolving so quickly. There are about 7.5 billions of people living on our planet today, and our living environment is deteriorating day by day.

Unfortunately, the majority of us are not aware of the importance of saving trees, and even if we are, we are not doing anything about it.

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Benefits Of Trees

There are so many benefits of trees that it is such a big task to describe all of them with words. But, it is quite important to list these benefits and share these benefits with the people to make them aware of the importance and significance of the phrase ‘Save Tree Save Life’. Here are the few things that the trees do for our atmosphere, that are so essential for our health and life.

1. Trees constantly clean the air and surrounding we live in, they improve the quality of air that we breathe, they exhale the oxygen that we need to breathe and they absorb the carbon dioxide and other air pollutants.

2. Trees are a great means of reducing the carbon content in the atmosphere, they use this carbon to grow, they utilize the carbon into trunks, branches, leaves, and all the other parts. As such they are great tools for reducing carbon and thus reducing global warming.

3. Rainforests are often been called ‘The lungs of the earth’ because they produce a large component of the world’s total oxygen. The fact is that trees planted anywhere in the world will produce life-giving oxygen which can travel through the global air currents, as such trees planted anywhere are beneficial to everyone everywhere.

4. Trees reduce air pollution by absorbing and breaking down most of the major air pollutants including ground-level ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide. If we will breathe these harmful gases, they will do a lot of harm to our lungs and will pose serious health issues.

5.  Trees prevent soil erosion and dust storms, today there are many areas in the world where most of the plants and trees have been cut and the soil has been exposed to strong wind currents, which leads to the erosion of the soil and converts it into dust because without the trees there is no force left to bind the soil.

6. As per a study, a single big tree supports the lives of more than 250 species of living beings, and as such it greatly contributes to biodiversity.

7. Trees help to promote water retention to reduce water pollution; they prevent the runoff water by acting as a hindrance to the rainfall. So the strong rain force is not able to erode the soil away, and the water reaches slowly on the soil and thus it helps in retention of underground water level.

8. Trees are such a big source of food, not only for human beings but for all the other life forms too. The herbivores and vegetarians are completely dependent on trees for their food.

9. Trees prevent people from extreme weather, it may be snow, harsh sunlight, or the strong rain, but the tree will always stand against it to protect you from any kind of harm.

10. Trees have been providing wood to humans for so many centuries for the purpose of fuel, construction, transport, and so many other applications. But unfortunately, the wood has been the biggest reason for the exploitation of the trees.

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How To Save Trees

Saving trees is not that tough if we get a little bit careful and considerate while choosing the items we use in our daily lives. Growing a tree from the seed takes a lot of time, some trees may take even 60 to 100 years to mature, so you can very well understand why we are stressing so much on ‘save tree’. The ‘save tree’ mantra is so essential because no matter how hard we try, we will not be able to grow the same amount of trees in a certain period of time, that we call our lifetime.

The fact is, nature is far superior to all our little brains combined, so if we can find out ways to save trees, rather than cutting them and planning on growing the new ones, it would be a huge relief for nature and the atmosphere. We need to change a few simple things that would lead to less cutting of trees and it would ultimately lead to the saving of a lot of trees.

1. We use paper towels and paper napkins, which is like throwing a tree into the trash for no big use. Instead of using paper towels and napkins, we can use cloth napkins.

2. As per a study, a majority of paper is just wasted without any proper use, so if we waste that much of paper without any reasonable use then how can we expect the trees to survive? Don’t we need to be much more cautious while using the paper?

3. We all need great furniture with great looks, even if it comes at the cost of a big tree that took decades to grow the hardwood. We should try to focus on the alternatives that are available in the market, which do not lead to the cutting of these big and valuable hardwood trees.

4. Nowadays many alternatives of papers made from big trees are available, for instance, you can use paper made of sugarcane, which grows easily and quickly. The paper is made after the sugarcane is processed and turned into sugar; the waste is used to make the papers.

5. While using the trees for our benefit we need to be careful that we use it in such a way that we allow it to recover. We can obtain the wood with pruning at certain intervals, it is not necessary to kill them, just because they don’t resist.

Conclusion – Save Tree Save Earth

The number of trees is declining everywhere in the world because there are very few countries which are really focusing on the issue of saving them. And now the situation is such that the remaining trees on our planet can hardly manage with the amounts of CO2 emissions. So not for the sake of others, but for our own sake we need to change our habits and we need to understand the need of the hour.

Governments across all the countries need to run campaigns in aggressive modes to make people aware of these ‘save tree’ mantra. They need to incorporate this into their manifesto, and proper analysis should be done at regular intervals about the steps taken to save trees and their efficacy in doing so.

We as a society need to understand our responsibilities towards nature and atmosphere; we cannot afford to continue with this careless approach towards nature, expecting that everything will get better with time on its own, because it is not going to happen, ever.

And of course, we need to plant more and more trees. All of us, each and every individual needs to understand that it is an uphill task to restore the situation because we have already done a lot of damage. So, one should never think that only ones’ effort won’t be good enough to bring the change because all of these combined individual efforts will make a lot of difference. So it is time we start acting, it is the call of the mother nature, Save Tree, Save Life, Save Earth.

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