Parijat Tree – Harsingar Tree – Divine Beauty

The Parijat tree is known by many other names such as the Harsingar tree, Shiuli, Shefali, Shringar haar, and Night jasmine. One unique fact about the parijat trees is that its flowers can be seen in full bloom in the evening but all these beautiful flowers fall off the tree before the sunrise.

The flowers of the Parijat tree are used as offerings to the deities in Indian temples and homes. The flowers of the Parijat tree have a very good fragrance, this is one of the reasons considered very divine and auspicious. This beautiful tree enhances the look of any place it is planted in, and its beautiful flowers make the whole place more pleasant.

Parijat tree or harsingar tree is also considered very auspicious as per Vastu shastra.  It is believed that this tree generates many positive vibes and as such it helps to remove all the negative energy from the home. it is also believed that this tree removes the effect of Vastu dosh from your home,  so if you believe that there is any kind of Vastu dosh in your home, then you can surely plant this beautiful tree in your home to protect yourself from the negative effects of the Vastu dosh.

parijat tree
Parijat Tree

Parijat Tree Descriptive Features

The scientific name of the Parijat tree is “Nyctanthes Arbor-tristis”, it is a small size tree that generally grows to the maximum height of 10 meters. The bark of the tree is generally of Grey or dark grey color and it is flaky in nature.  The leaves of the tree grow in opposite direction and they are generally 6 to 12 cm long and 2 to 8 cm wide.

The flowers of the Parijat tree have a very strong fragrance, they are often considered as the most distinctive feature of this tree.  The flowers are in the form of lobes which are generally 5 to 9 in number. The flowers have a beautiful orange or red center.

Benefits And Uses Of Parijat/ Harsingar Tree

Parijat tree is considered very useful and beneficial tree in Indian Ayurvedic practices. Many sages have explained the importance of the Parijat tree in Ayurveda.

1. Parijat tree is considered very useful and beneficial for treating sciatica. Sciatica causes acute pain in the body which grows from the back and extends towards both the legs. It is believed that the Parijat tree can cure even chronic cases of sciatica. For this, people suffering from sciatica have to take three to four leaves of the Parijat tree, grind and then boil them in one glass of water. And after sieving the remaining liquid is to be consumed twice a day. This liquid will help to eradicate sciatica from the body.

2. If any child is suffering from bugs in the stomach, then he can get relief from these bugs by using the leaves of the Parijat tree.  The leaves of this tree can be ground and around 2 to 3 tablespoons juice can be extracted from the leaves.  This juice can be given to the child having stomach bugs; it should be given on an empty stomach.  Within a few days, this juice will kill all the stomach bugs.

3. The liquid decoction, as mentioned above is also very helpful in giving relief from the pain and swelling in the body. So the people who have met any unfortunate accident and have got bruises and swelling in the body can also benefit from drinking this potion.

4. The Parijat tree is also very useful in treating arthritis and joints pain.  For this, you have to take around 10 grams of flowers, leaves, and bark of the tree. And all of them have to be boiled in around 200 ml water.  All these parts have to be sieved properly after the water gets thoroughly boiled.  And this liquid decoction has to be taken by the patient in the morning and in the evening.

5. Parijat flowers are also used for making herbal tea which is considered very beneficial for health. For making herbal tea one can take 2 to 3  flowers of this tree along with 3 to 4 leaves of basil, which is also known as Tulsi.  This combination of leaves and flowers can be used for making delicious herbal tea by adding honey as per taste. This herbal tea is also considered very helpful in interesting problems like cough and cold.

6. The dried flowers of the harsingar tree or Parijat tree are very helpful in increasing the strength and vigor of the body. The flowers can be kept in the sunlight and once they try they can be converted into the powder form. Around 2 to 3 grams of this powder can be consumed every day along with milk to increase the strength and vigor of the body.

7. Harsingar trees can also be used for treating fever.  For getting relief from fever, the patient has to take 3 to 4 grams of the bark of the tree, 2 to 3 grams of leaves, and 3 to 4 leaves of Tulsi and then boil them in a glass of water.  After sieving properly the decoction has to be consumed by the patient twice a day.  This decoction will help the patient to recover from the fever.

Parijat And Hindu Mythology

Parijat tree has been given a very sacred and important place in Hindu mythology.  According to ancient Hindu texts, this tree has been called the tree of heaven.  The flowers of the Parijat tree or harsingar tree are specially used to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi. As per Hindu mythology, it is believed that you can get benefited in many ways by just sitting under this tree. 

It is believed that this tree grew first during the iconic Samudra Manthan. This tree was then taken by Lord Indra to heaven where only one Angel, who went by the name of Urvashi, was allowed to touch this tree. And just by the touch of this tree her tensions, stress, and fatigue faded away.

The Parijat tree or harsingar tree is also believed to be associated with Goddess Sita. It is believed that during her days in exile, she used to adorn herself with the garland made from the flowers of the Parijat tree. This is the reason this tree is also known as the Shringar tree or harshringar tree, as the term shringar translates to adornment.

It is also believed that flowers of this tree are favorites of Goddess Lakshmi and all her avatars. And this is the reason that the flowers of this tree are offered for seeking wealth from the Gods, and Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth as per Hindu mythology.

There is a very interesting story around the parijat tree in Hindu mythology, it is said that this tree used to live in heaven at Lord Indra’s place.  Once Narad Muni went from heaven to meet Lord Krishna and took along a garland made from the flowers of this tree and gifted it to Lord Krishna.  The lord then handed over the garland to his wife Rukmani, who was sitting by his side.  When Rukmani adorns herself with the garland, Narad Muni praised her and said that she is looking the most beautiful amongst all the Queens of Lord Krishna.

When Sathyabama got to know about this, she asked Lord Krishna to get the Parijat tree from heaven for herself.  And because of the stubbornness of his wife, Lord Krishna had to attack heaven to get this tree.  But Lord Indra did not want to let this tree go from heaven. But he was helpless as he was not in a position to fight against Lord Krishna.  So he cursed the Parijat tree, that it shall be able to bear flowers in the night only so that nobody shall be able to see its true beauty.  And it is believed that this is the reason even today the flowers of the Parijat tree fall before the sunrise.

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