Karungali Tree and Maram – Ebony Tree Full Details

Karungali tree is a rare and precious tree; it is famous for its karungali maram (wood). The uniqueness of karungali maram is that it is extremely hard and dense. It is so dense and hard that it does not even float on water like the majority of the other tree woods. If thrown in water it quickly sinks downwards. The heartwood of this tree is blackish, brownish, or chocolaty in color.

Karungali tree is considered a charismatic tree; it is believed that the tree can absorb the radiations. This tree has a lot of medicinal properties, and it is said that as the karungali tree matures its beneficial properties also keep on increasing with time. Thus it is believed that there are a lot of good virtues hidden in the trunk of a mature karungali tree. 

karungali tree
Karungali Tree

Description And Scientific Facts

The scientific name of the karungali tree which is native to South India and Sri Lanka is “Diospyros Ebenum”, which is generally known as Ceylon Ebony. The scientific name of Gabon ebony which is native to the lands of western Africa is “Diospyros Crassiflora”. The scientific name of Sulawesi ebony is “Diospyros Celebica” which is native to the land of Indonesia.

The ebony tree can reach 90 to 95 feet in height, young ebony trees have rounded crowns whereas the mature trees have wider and multi-branched crowns which generally spread horizontally. The tree can survive for several decades and it is considered to have reached maturity between 60 to 200 years of age.

The bark of this tree is dark grey, brownish or blackish in color and it is scaly in appearance. The bark is often found covered with lichens and moss.

The leaves of the tree are oblong, ovate, generally having a narrow oval shape tapering to a point at each end, and they have a satin-like structure. Karungali tree produces the male and female flowers separately on the same tree, which means that the tree is monecious and not dioecious.

Karungali tree starts to blossom during the spring season, its flowers are small and fragrant. The fruit of the tree is in the shape of berries. It produces round berry shaped fruits which are generally brownish in color and have a velvety feel.

General Uses Of Karungali Tree

The heartwood of the karungali tree is used for manufacturing the black pieces in chess game, tool handles, inlay, violins, and black keys of the piano.

The bark of the tree is used as a source of a dark blue pigment which is generally used for coloring and dying of clothes.

The karungali maram is also used to make figures and structures of arts and crafts, its dark color wood when finished artistically looks very classy and elegant.

The karungali maram is also used to make hard boards that are known for their strength. The tree has been used for many making many super-strong structures.

Medicinal Uses Of Karungali Tree

The different varieties of karungali trees are also found in other parts of the world. They are known as ebony trees and they can be seen in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and some western African countries.

Almost all parts of the tree have some beneficial value for us, humans. Its bark, resin, and root are considered of high medicinal virtues. Let’s understand the various uses and medicinal benefits of the different parts of the karungali tree -:

Increasing the Strength And Vigor Of Body

If someone has the problem of feeling drowsy and less energetic, then the resin of the karungali tree is prescribed to that person. The resin is to be dried and then taken in form of powder. The resin powder is to be mixed with milk and consumed daily to make the body strong.

Curing Oral Problems And Bad Breath

The bark of the karungali tree is very helpful in treating oral problems such as bad breath and mouth ulcers. For this one has to take powder of the bark of this ebony tree and neem tree in equal weight and apply it directly to the ulcers and then rinse the mouth after some time. For removing the bad breath the powder should be applied to teeth and gums and then gargle should be done properly.

Karungali Tree For Reducing Body Fat

The part of karungali tree which is considered very effective in reducing body fat is the root of the tree. For a healthy weight loss, one has to take the ebony root and then soak the root for some time. Thereafter boil the water and remove the roots from it. This water can be stored and used for reducing belly and body fat, it is also helpful in treating stomach ulcers. It is also very effective in killing harmful stomach insects.

This liquid potion of ebony tree is also very helpful in increasing the iron content in the blood, also it can help people with diabetes for decreasing the sugar level in the body if they drink it twice a day.

For Treating Women Issues

Karungali tree is very helpful for women who have menstrual cycles with heavy bleeding. It is helpful in strengthening the uterus in women and also improves fertility in women.

For Releasing Body Stress

It is believed that ebony is very effective in removing body stress and tension. For this all you have to do is soak a piece of ebony wood in the water, you will notice that after some time there will be a slight change in the color of the water. It is believed that if you take bath or shower with this water, it will help to remove stress and the physical fatigue from your body.

Karungali Tree To Detoxify Your Body

Many people use karungali tree for the purpose of detoxifying their bodies. For this, they take one part of the powder of the bark of this tree and mix it 8 parts of water, and then it is distilled properly. Further, they add mustard, gooseberry, and dandelion to it. And this liquid potion is used for removing the unwanted and harmful toxins from the body. This potion is also considered very helpful for purifying the blood.

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