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Ganja tree or ganja plant which is also popularly known as Marijuana, weed or pot, is one of the most frequently used illegal (also legal in some places) substances in India. Its scientific name is Cannabis, and its leaves and the flowers contain certain chemical compounds that are called Cannabinoids, the psychoactive compounds that create the mind-bending effects.

One of the most significant compounds is the phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is majorly responsible for the so-called “high” state. When this THC from the ganja tree is taken through ingestion or smoke, it takes over the natural levels of the THC in the body. This in turn decreases the number of neurotransmitters the neurons produce, which decreases the amount of information transmitted. And this results in the psychoactive effects like lack of coordination, memory loss, hallucinations, and increased appetite.

Because of some of these psychoactive effects, the ganja tree has been historically and traditionally used for many medicinal purposes for centuries. And recent studies have also shown that ganja trees can be helpful suppressing nausea in even advanced stages of cancer and AIDS.  Many medicines are prescribed to patients which have THC compounds in them, and this same THC is naturally found in the ganja plant.

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Ganja Tree

Traditional Benefits And Uses Of Ganja Tree

Ganja Tree For Ear Pain

The leaves of the ganja tree are considered very helpful in treating ear pain and ear irritation. It is suggested in ayurvedic practices, that any person who is suffering from ear pain, can grind the leaves of the ganja tree to extract 2-3 drops of the juice.

These drops can be put in the ear to get relief from acute ear pain or irritation.

Ganja Tree For Headache

The leaves of the ganja tree are also considered very helpful in treating the headaches. For this, the leaves can be grinded to form a thick paste and this can be sniffed for some time to get relief from headache.

Alternatively, the leaves can be grinded to extract juice drops, 3-4 drops of the juice can be put in the nose for relief from headache.

Ganja Leaves For Cough Issues

People who are suffering from cough issues can also benefit from the use of dried ganja leaves. These dried ganja leaves are turned into powder form and then they are mixed with some peepal powder and black pepper powder.

This mixture is used by the patients for treating the cough issues and it helps in providing quick relief.

Ganja Seeds For Impotency

It is also believed that the seeds of the ganja tree are very helpful in curing the impotency in males. People who have potency issues generally use the seeds of the tree.

The seeds are baked on a medium flame and then they are converted into a powder form. Around 3-4 gram powder is taken every day with milk, which is believed to give inner strength and cure impotency.

Ganja tree for arthritis

Ganja tree is considered very good for arthritis and the pain that it causes, for treating arthritis the seeds of the Ganja tree are used. The seeds of the Ganja tree are converted into the powder form and this powder is taken along with milk twice a day it is supposed to be very helpful in treating arthritis and also for giving relief in the pain.

Is Ganja Harmful Or Beneficial For Health

There are different opinions about the use of ganja, not only in India but throughout the world. Many people support the use of ganja and they believe that it is just a light drug and it does not cause any damage or harm to the human body. They also advocate various health benefits that come with the use of the ganja tree in various forms.

There are many countries in the world in which using ganja in various forms is legal, even the states inside a country are divided. In countries like India and the USA, there are states in which it is legal to consume ganja.

On other hand, many studies and researches have concluded that using ganja affects the brain and its behavior in a way that is quite detrimental in the long run. According to the World Health Organization, approx 147 million people use ganja the reason for this popularity is that it is so cheap and easily available.

Also, it is less potent as compared to the other drugs which can be really scary for a first-timer, and since ganja is considered quite a mild drug, it is not a very tough decision for someone to try it for the first time.

But still, if you are planning to try it just for fun, you should keep in mind that it weakens your motor coordination, which can cause difficulty for you in performing even simple activities like driving and even walking. Thus, it creates an increased risk of you getting injured in an accident.

Ganja can cause even a big risk if the person using is below the age of 18 years. It can be quite detrimental to the brain of the young ones because at this age the brain is still developing and if you start using the drug then it can cause harm to the brain’s development.

So, the conclusion is, until and unless ganja is prescribed by a medical practitioner, you should completely avoid it because there are no conclusive pieces of evidence which suggest that it has more health benefits than the harm it does to your body.

Myth Around Lord Shiva And Ganja Tree

In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is considered the greatest power. It is seen nowadays that people with incomplete knowledge or people who are ignorant believe that Lord Shiva used to take Ganja for getting intoxicated.

This information or belief is completely false; there is no evidence in any Hindu text that states that Lord Shiva used to take Ganja for getting intoxicated. Lord Shiva is the Adiyogi, the first Yogi,  the first  Guru, he is always in the state of contentment, he is always in the state of eternal happiness, he is always in the state of meditation and this is what some people have mistaken as being in the state of intoxication.

This ganja plant is not meant to be used for intoxication, if you use it in small quantities as prescribed by the Ayurveda, it will definitely work for you. But if you take it in large quantity for the purpose of getting high or intoxicated, then it will surely decrease your force and it will also make you weaker from inside.

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