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Arjun tree or Arjuna tree is a very important and significant tree for all of us because it has so much to offer to us. It is considered as an auspicious and sacred tree, it is deeply rooted in the Indian tradition and culture, and it has various mentions in ancient Hindu texts. And now in modern herbal medicinal practices also, it is a very popular tree.

Generally, it is observed that the beneficial herbs obtained from trees are not easy to find because they grow in specific areas, or they are hard to find. But that is not true in the case of the Arjun tree; this beautiful beneficial tree can be found grown commonly in most parts of the country. This easy access to the tree makes it a very popular option for treating various disorders in Ayurveda and other traditional Indian medicine practices.

There are a lot of people nowadays who are suffering from cardiac problems, and there are many herbal remedies in Ayurveda which are known to be very effective in treating cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol, blood pressure, and other related issues.

This Arjuna tree is in fact a solution to almost all kinds of heart diseases, there are many kinds of heart diseases, but by using the Terminalia Arjun in the normal routine life, one can get rid of all such heart diseases. This is the reason in India many people know the Arjun tree as the synonym of the cessation of heart diseases.

arjun tree
Arjun Tree

Arjun Tree – Basic Description

Arjuna tree is a large, evergreen tree, with a spreading crown and stooping branches facing downwards. It belongs to the family “Combretaceae” and its scientific name is “Terminalia Arjuna”.

Arjun tree is quite a big tree and along with being tall and wide it also looks extremely beautiful. It is very commonly found growing on the banks of rivers and rivulets, the height of the Arjun tree generally ranges between 20 to 25 meters, and it has a breast height diameter of 2 to 3 meters. It also has a big strong trunk that provides the required strength to the tree.

The bark of this tree is smooth and light grayish in color, the leaves of the tree look quite similar to the leaves of the mango tree, and they are sub opposite, and generally oblong or elliptical in shape having a length of 10 to 20 cm.

As the Arjun tree ages, it forms a thick layer of the bark on its trunk, which it also sheds from time to time. This bark is nothing short of a ‘miracle drug’, it has so many beneficial properties that it would take quite a long time, to even discuss all these properties.

The flowers of the tree are light yellowish in color, and they grow in the form of short panicle spikes, which are generally 2 to 5 cm long, having obovoid shape. The flowers on the tree appear in the months of March to June and this tree bears fruits in the months of September to November.

Uses And Benefits Of Arjun Tree

1. The bark of the Arjun tree eliminates many heart diseases; it is considered a miracle remedy that can be used very easily. For treating heart-related diseases people use fresh bark of the tree, about 15 grams of the bark of Arjun is boiled in about 300 to 400 grams of water.

It is boiled till only a quarter of the water is left and then cow milk is added to it. It is then sieved properly to prepare the final decoction for eliminating heart diseases. The patients generally consume it in the morning after breakfast to get relief from heart problems and angina pain.

It is suggested to make the decoction of the bark of Arjun tree with cow’s milk because it has a better absorption in the body with the fat molecules of the milk as compared to the water molecules.

2. Arjun tree is also helpful in getting relief from the pain in the ears, for this one can pluck 3 to 4 soft leaves of the arjuna tree, and after plucking these leaves one can extract the juice out of it to directly put about 3 to four drops in the ear, this will soothe and calm the ear pain and remove the infection.

3. If someone is having blisters in the mouth, bad breath, and other gum related problems, then he can greatly benefit from the use of the bark of the Arjun tree. For this one can take fresh bark from the tree, and then convert it into powder by grounding and then add water to make a decoction. This decoction can be used for rinsing and gargling for eliminating the infection inside the mouth.

4. Arjun bark is also considered a very good remedy for treating wrinkles, pimples, acne, hyperpigmentation, and freckles on the face. For that one can make a paste of the bark, by rubbing it with water on a rough surface and then applying this paste on the face. It will give such wonderful results, which even branded cosmetics and creams will not be able to provide.

5. For people who have anxiety issues, nervousness, restlessness, and difficulty in sleeping, it is suggested to boil 5 grams of the Arjuna bark powder in water every day and to take it as a tea. If it is taken daily after breakfast, then it will very beneficial in eliminating anxiety, restlessness, and maintaining inner body peace. It will also boost the strength of the brain and the heart.

6. Those women who are suffering from leucorrhoea, can soak two spoons of bark powder at the night, and then mash it in the morning and drink that sieved water. They can make this simple decoction and drink it every day. This will benefit in leucorrhoea and other related issues in women.

7. Arjuna is also a very effective medicine to boost the bone-building process in the body. Drinking decoction of arjuna bark is considered very beneficial for the recuperation of broken bones. It also beneficial for people whose cartilages and bones have worn out with age, these people can also drink arjuna’s decoction and it will give strength to their brains, it will strengthen the bones and the cartilages.

Arjun Chhal (Bark) Tea

Arun tree bark tea can be very rightly called a single miracle cure for many small and big diseases. It has so much to offer to the human body, it has multidimensional benefits that can aid many parts of your body to function properly.

As people age, it is seen that they suffer from multiple disorders, and then they have to depend on different types of medicines. These medicines not only make the body dependent on them, but they may also lead to many side effects.

Also, it is quite a task to regularly take your pills and medicines, and most of us don’t even like the idea of taking medicines every day. But, many heart patients are left with no choice, quitting, or avoiding the pills is not an option for them. Such people can greatly benefit from taking the powder of the bark of the arjuna tree.

And if they do not like to take it as a medicine, they have the option to take it as a cup of tea, a simple remedy, which has manifold benefits for them. Let us have a look at the big benefits that this cup of tea of the bark of the Arjun tree provides to our body.

arjun chhal
Arjun Bark (Chhal)

Heart Problems

There are so many people who are suffering from various heart problems like coronary heart disease, angina, arrhythmia, and valve disease. Arjun chhal tea is very beneficial in all these diseases because it is believed to work for all heart issues.

Whether it is the slowing of heart rate, excessive palpitations, leakage in the heart valve, weakening of heart, or any other such issue, it is believed that Arjuna chhal tea is competent enough to tackle all such problems.

Blood Disorders

As per Ayurveda, ‘Rakta-Pitta-Nashak’ is the natural quality of the Arjuna tree, which means that it naturally treats blood-related disorders. There are many people who have the issue of the thickening of the blood, which is known as hypercoagulability.

When a person has hypercoagulability, he is prone to excess blood clots and as such he has to rely on blood-thinners. It has been observed that such people have had amazing results on the daily consumption of Arjun Chhal tea.

It has been observed that after a month of regular consumption of this tea, people find out that the INR of the blood and the thickness of the blood came within the normal range. As such this tea gives a good alternative for such people to reduce their dependency on daily pills.

Cough And Cold

Arjun tree bark is ‘Kapha Nashak’ also, which means that it pacifies cough and cold issues. As such those people who regularly have cold, cough and sinus-related issues can also benefit from the mere consumption of this tea.

If you wish to treat cough and cold-related issues with the help of Arjun tree tea, then you should take it in the morning, preferably half an hour after breakfast.

Body Pain Relief

Arjun tree bark tea is also considered to be very helpful in relieving the general body pains. It is rich in calcium, magnesium and other nutrients, as such it is very helpful in strengthening the bones in the body and increasing bone density.

How To Make Arjun Tea

Making Arjun tea is quite an easy task and you can easily fit it into your schedule, even if you have a busy one. Arjun tree bark tea can be easily made by following these simple steps.

1. You can get the fresh bark of the Arjuna tree from a nearby tree if there is one, or else you can buy fresh Arjuna bark and ground it at home for yourself.

2. Try to ground the bark in a way that it remains a little coarse, you do not need to convert it to fine powder, so you should not run it in the electric mixer.

3. You can ground the bark in bulk also, and it can be stored for daily use, but try not to store it for a period of more than 3-4 months. It tends to lose its beneficial properties if stored for too long.

4. You should first soak the bark powder for about half an hour before preparing the tea. For this take a cup of water and take out one teaspoon powder and add it to the water. Soaking it in water will make it softer and more effective.

5. Once it is properly soaked, you can use a clay pot or a steel pot to boil it in the water. The water is to be boiled on a low flame and it should also be covered on the top. Keeping the pot open may result in the evaporation of the essence of the powder.

6. After it has boiled for a while and only some water is remaining you should add cow’s milk. Adding buffalo milk is not suggested because it is not good for heart patients.

7. Let it boil till most of the water evaporates and the milk becomes richer and creamier, you can add sugar or honey as per your taste.

8. After that you should sieve the tea properly to strain out the powder from the tea. It is a little difficult to digest the bark powder; this is the reason that it is suggested to keep it coarse, so that it can be sieved properly.

9. The best time to drink this tea is about half an hour after breakfast, you should try this try regularly for around 2-3 months to see the required results.

Exploitation Of Arjun Tree

As more and more people are getting aware that arjuna tree can be used for curing many diseases, it is seen that many people have started exploiting the tree rapidly. It is very important that when we use these trees for our benefits then we should be very careful to not harm them in any way.

It is now a very popular fact that Arjuna’s bark is beneficial for the heart, as such it is observed that people have removed the bark of many Arjun trees, especially the ones which are within the residential areas. If this practice is not curtailed, it will lead up to the death of many trees. We need to be cautious that while removing the peel, we leave enough space in between and then take out a small quantity of the peel, so that the tree may heal itself.

In this way, if we do not make any harm to the tree, and we should also focus on planting new trees also. Because, if we are taking advantage of these trees at present, then for the benefit of others we should also make some provisions for the future. So it is a humble appeal from our side that if you are using Arjun tree or if you plan to use it in the future, then please use them cautiously and also plant some of these wonderful trees.

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